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LOGAN – I am still acting up

автор: admin | Июль 4, 2010 | Раздел: Музыка

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I                                    I’m still actin up

Yo law! d’you know who’s back?

mr. Fuck-a-Cop is back

  1. I was born when father’s cum split at cunt of mum in 1991
  2. From little up I saw how all for me fuck up, but I continue to write rap
  3. I never saw my motherfucker stupid daddy
  4. He hasn’t  time came to see me, pop decease for me
  5. But mommy cannot substitute native daddy, but without it now I’m ready

Moreover I grew up without daddy’s advice, in seven I was create my personal paradise

  1. In eight I was found my first iron girlfriend, We just a lil’ like on Bonnie & Clyde
  2. In ten years old I’ve baptism of blood when we’re ride
  3. Long after, I fell in love in girl who were like on a black night
  4. Upward I was lost in the whirlwind, I wanted to get wind

10. But sometimes really things, isn’t easy to your mind?

11. I don’t never fuck, dirty piggy motherfucker duck

12. coz I love beautiful pussy for that ain’t never busy

13. I see your bumper kit, my style forever with it, its ideal without shit

14. No I’m boostin mine,but I could to do crime I live till then, when my rhyme will end.

15. But I have yet spent all money for this devil’s dung, I will rob the easy bank

16. At school all looked at me, like a troublesome and crazy. But ain’t lazy

17. Cuz I kept company with black men, which always haven’t a cent

18. At my school all were naziz, rich sons of dad with full cashis

19. I know no rest from they, fight is over and no one want come into play

20. But now all of em already have died and now in the hell

21. They all be understand, that I was right,

22. Nigga sitting in my motherfucker mind, but somehow I’m still white.


  1. ya’ll think against me that I rum, but on your face my cum
  2. and u regardless of that, all of ya, the real miserable rat
  3. How u can speak thus about me, you’ve loose tongue I see
  4. look at yourself,you’re motherfucker bastard,Fuck yourself
  5. I have my anthem and my home, fuck my friends without condom on
  6. Nobody needn’t me, couse enemies around me but I know I still grow
  7. I trow 2PAC is alive he comeS back he’s survive, he got backs his life
  8. at least I hope Makiavelli live in me, couse I gathcha great white-black MC
  9. I was started at shit,and now I’m millionaire on sells CDs speed and always will be it

10. I’m a knight of hip-hop, u never be able me stop, smart-ass cop

11. I’ll fuck up your stupid wife

12. If I feel a menace, I take my two ninaz, and keep on your quim my penis

13. And now something of my ass, all hunts  for my white prat, never be winners

14. I don’t like man, remember it doc, u are freaky homoman, u love another’s cock

15. rest in peace motherfucker, stupid lover of pancy boy dick sucker, fuck you asses fucker


  1. My lyrics draw in, from my mind’s to soul within
  2. This iron thread prick me in, my human neck isn’t slim
  3. I sing song only rap and my fucking life isn’t crap
  4. It’s just skin, I pray put me in worlds money clean
  5. I guess it’s own my words, and it’s my motherfucker world
  6. Please my Lord make me king of all scourge
  7. Cause I never die I forever alive, my importance’s upsurge, just listening my shit
  8. u never sees my flash it, couse I going into motherfucker orbit, let’s face it
  9. u just stupid bitch who look at me on the wall, watch it I can kiil ya all

10. Through this wall, u can run to the holl, but not too close to call

11. Now keeping one’s mind on me, never mind in motherfucker future to be

12. Presidents, mayors, hustlers, bollers just listen me, I always paying tit for fucker tat,

13. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, ain’t think about that

14. Nobody TALK THROUGH ONE’S HAT, and I continue so stand pat, just look at that

15. Like me, and what you’ll see? A dust-bin and other shit slim around me.

16. ATTENTION only me!


All motherfucker I can do, because I can exist without you

I will tell all worlds that I am, I Am the real actually man

I come off clear out of a problem, I will show you who I am

I was started in scratch, but I can try to my destiny snatch

I catch my given microphone, like wallop is strongest stone,

And my cum on everybody of ya’ll, cause that’s my rap style

I am the way I am, if you against me, u got a problem

This is old school man!

Under bad influence

Without rules and trade

What you want from me?

Ha? It’s actually world of L O G A N

See ya!

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