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LOGAN – Give me a light

автор: admin | Июль 4, 2010 | Раздел: Музыка

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Give me a light

Ay yoooo trip!

  1. Suck my dick, I’m still pig,You gonna lick my prick
  2. You are stick for all lifes week
  3. I now will name differences between us, and after ya’ll kiss my ass
  4. You’re B.G. I’ma OG, I’ma loco criminal, you’re bastard’s original
  5. I’m a baller ain’t nobody hustle harder then me, and you are wanna like me
  6. I’ve now scrap with you, but your rap isn’t truth
  7. You are think about self you’re cool, but in really time you are fool
  8. When you go on the street, you sometimes step on the shit
  9. My biff on you show’s into Hip-hop, and your song isn’t rap

10. I kick your asses, like a cup glasses

11. I break your glasses face, and soul of you flings on the space

12. You are tripper in the toilet; You’re not MC, you’re suckling baby

13.  you are ratty flipper in the toilet, you are a home slipper,

14. You are stripper on the stage, shut up your mouth and take my rage

15. I show you how I’d Tear this motherfucking roof off like two nutters cage

16. I throwing out my rap-rage on your motherfucker face,

17. It’s freestyle battle, isn’t tattle, Go to hell rich hip-hop’s cattle

1)    I’ll pool back Pamely Lee her silicone jugs

2)    And after pop in on her mouth some bucks, Amanda bynes swivel-eyed

3)    Cuz her mum breaks hers head only out of delight

4)    Just don’t give fuck what ‘ey think about me

5)    They all stupid pigs, and wears now are dee

6)    If you see me on TV, don’t kisses of the screen TV

7)    My words take off also neatly like a sperm on your lips

8)    From my penis, or like white drips on lips of Hilton Paris

9)    Look look how I play, and I sure this is my way

10) And my bone is allay, listen or no this is yo way

11) I can freestyle all day, and so you may? me to waylay

12) But I just role model in this world play.

13) My time yet hasn’t expired and this cd’s you acquired

14) In market  impaired your bag and now you listen my rhyme inspired

15) Check it out motherfucker child.

16) If my sales fall down, I’ll kill a lot of you from my penis

17) And you all be drowned in my cum, ya’ll be tremble from my menace

18) I fucked a giraffe in an ass and me was happened to get yesterday on a tree

19) It else wanted to chaffer with me.

20) I am the way I am, and continue write my fucking jam

Yo. Yo. Two ideals in my life is 2pac Shakur and my Mom, Listen my drive

I’m not nigga, I’ma whigga but I understand 2pac cause I was born in same shit pack

I always didn’t underfeed my stomach, family’s money is over and I must go to the native street

Have narrow escape I come back home and there mum with a cat and the burst screen on

trying to write rhyme, but some fog envelop my mind, essay to ride, trying to take a quick byte

Cause I need a black heart outta my body’s white, But in every song I’m still right

I hate any fags because I‘ve got a sanity (-=SEneti=-), take up the flags, and use my opportunity

To kill ’em ,cause I hate’ em, they are a piece of shit,stupid moro (A)ns  with problems,your place in shit!

Ha-ha man, look at your boots through them grow the roots,

Your style like a rat but you face like a hoodrat

Take this mike, and go to strike some information about me, which I didn’t recite

This crowd, which yells aloud. When sing it’s mean I’m thinking loud.

So you may like rabbit to keep a silence, but I do violence to you


My name is LOGAN Get rich or die trying it’s my slogan,

In my song I always tell the sooth, But in a freestyle my enemy all time loses

I’ma monster number one Ain’t mr.Slim shady my name is mr.LOGAN

And I’m ready to fight, yo man give me a light

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